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I'm having a few issues with filtering. Our goal for using Bibbase was to have a single repository that individual lab members could also pull from for their individual web pages. For the most part, everything is working great. I seem to find two issues though:

1) Filtering by author doesn't seem to work with my bibtex file for some reason (e.g. http://bibbase.org/show?bib=udel.edu%2F~parrell%2FSPPlab.bib&msg=embed&filter=author:Heinz)

2) Is it possible to filter by more than one criteria?

I really appreciate your support--Bibbase is a great service, and maybe I'm just asking it to do too much.


1) Thanks for reporting this. I can reproduce your issue It does however work when you filter by author short names ('author_short'): http://bibbase.org/show?bib=udel.edu/~parrell/SPPlab.bib&filter=author_short:Heinz

2) No, currently you can only filter by one criteria.

Please do keep asking it to do "too much". That's how we know which direction to grow it into!


I would like to know if it is now possible to filter by more than one keyword. We would like to use Bibbase to publish several bibliographies from my lab with several keywords restrictions.

Thank you for your work, Bibbase seems really great !

I would also like filtering by more than one keyword. I could see restricting results by date range and by author, for example.

We are happy to announce that the ability to filter on multiple criteria is now supported, see https://bibbase.org/blog/new-feature-multiple-filters.

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