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That one is easy. You can just add "&authorFirst=1" to the bibbase url. For more details see the customization options described in our documentation.

Hi Christian,
Thank you very much, once again. I saw that on the help page and will try it. However, I am not sure he's going to like it exactly like this. He doesn't want the names separated by the semi-colon using the last name, initials; format (ex. Eston, V. E.; Smith, C. M.; Grandy, K. L.; etc) . He wants it be first initials lastname, (use of comma after each one, no semi-colon used). I don't see a way to do that. Is that possible? He wants this: V.Y. Eston, C.M. Smith, K.L. Grandy, etc. Thanks!

No, sorry, that's not yet supported. Perhaps the closest would be to use full names using &fullnames=1.

Hi Christian,

I have added the code you suggested and now I have the names first, and the initials before the names, but the names are still separated by a semi-colon. Is it possible for that to be a comma? 

Here's the link: https://wwwext.arlut.utexas.edu/testbed/faculty5/publications/#
In some of them, the full name displays, others the initials, but that is dependent on what is in the bibtex code and would need to be made consistent in the file. Thank you!