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Include Zotero "Link to URI" directly (not via URL field)

Oscar 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 10
Dear All,

As part of my Zotero public group library I am gathering IIIF manifests of included books, as well as links to PDFs and related digital resources. These manifests are included in Zotero through the "Link to URI". I know these can be shown in Bibbase by copying them into the URL field, but this is not a great workflow and was hoping that it is possible to display them directly.

Many thanks in advance!


Under review

Hi Oscar,

Can you point me to the page where you are embedding BibBase? Then I can take a look and see whether these Link to URI fields are already exported by the Zotero API and show up in the data we are getting from them. If that is the case then it should be pretty easy for us to support that.



Hi Christian,

Sorry for the late reply, seems my previous response got lost in cyberspace. In any case, the link to my BibBase page is: https://oscarseip.github.io/titlelist.html (the code is here: https://github.com/OscarSeip/oscarseip.github.io).

I have used a modified script from an earlier solution that you have suggested for others since the original link from BibBase only exported part of my library.

Many thanks for your time and help in advance.

Best, Oscar

Ps. Could I also ask something of minor importance: is it possible to reverse the order of the year of publication -starting with the oldest first?

Pps. There also seems some issues with the import of the oldest/first title: Le théatre des bons engins: auquel sont contenuz cent emblemes moraulx. Paris. It does not import the year, author, or contains a link that works.

I took a look but unfortunately it doesn't look like the Zotero API is exporting those fields. This item (from my hometown Cologne!) has IIIF manifests in the library, but all the Zotero API gives us in the bibtex is:

 address = {Cologne},
 title = {Theatrum {Terrae} {Sanctae} et {Biblicarum} {Historiarum} cum tabulis geographicis aere expressis},
 url = {Paper=mypdfs/gau-hum-1830.pdf Link=http://example.com/1830/measurements-of-the-world.html Slides=talks/gau-hum-1830.ppt}},
 language = {Latin},
 urldate = {2020-08-28},
 publisher = {Birckmannica officina, Arnold Mylius},
 author = {Adrichem, Christiaan van},
 year = {1582},
 note = {OCLC: 778667079},

So no, I'm afraid this won't be possible until they change their API. They might though if you ask.

Dear Christian,

Many thanks for your help and clarification. I have opened a comment/question for Zotero and fingers crossed this function might be implemented in the future...

Best, Oscar

Regarding the 1540 entry, the issues seems to be the dot in "Theatra.de_PDF" used in the url field. This trips up our database, since dots are not allowed in keys.

    address = {Paris},
    title = {Le théatre des bons engins: auquel sont contenuz cent emblemes moraulx},
    shorttitle = {Le théatre des bons engins},
    url = {Virginia_IIIF=https://v3.lib.virginia.edu/catalog/uva-lib:830320/iiif/manifest.json Theatra.de_PDF=http://www.theatra.de/repertorium/ed000134.pdf}},
    language = {French},
    urldate = {2020-07-21},
    publisher = {Denis Janot},
    author = {La Perrière, Guillaume de},
    year = {1540},
    note = {OCLC: 889853146},
    keywords = {43AA42 triumphal entry, 49M3213 emblem book, Moral education},

Thank you! That is most helpful, as well as the sorting order of groups.

Many thanks again, Oscar

No, it's not currently possible to change the sort-order of groups. You can however use no grouping at all and then sort by year: "&groupby=&sort=year".

Dear Christian,

I followed up with Zotero and apparently the attached links are served as attachments via the API, so they're already available. I could follow up with more details via the developer's forum. Happy to do so, if useful.

Best, Oscar

Hi Oscar,

Thanks for finding out! It seems that we would need to implement a new integration with a different part of their API to make this work as these attachments are not already included in their bibtex format export. Based on what you found this seems possible, but unfortunately our priorities right now need to be on our premium features. After 15 years of free service we finally need to find a way to make BibBase financially sustainable, at least to cover our costs.

Do you think your research group or the Max Planck Institute for Art History would be interested in signing up for one of our premium plans?  It would be easier to justify custom development for a paying customer.

Thanks for understanding.

Dear Christian,

I checked and we can't sign up this year nor can I commit that we would do so in the new year. So, I understand if you can't focus on this right now. However, I can imagine that this feature would appeal to the wider user community.

Many thanks and best wishes,