Expand abstracts by default?

Clément C fa 4 anys updated by Christian Fritz fa 4 anys 3


I am using BibBase for an annotated bibliography:


and would like to know if there was a way to have the abstracts (in my case, those are the "annotations") expanded by default upon loading the page.

(as a bonus, is there a way to change the text from "abstract" to annotation"?)


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Not per se, no, but I actually don't think that that's the best approach for accomplishing what you have in mind. Since you don't seem to want to use the abstract as an abstract but rather to provide additional information (annotations), you can just use the bibbase_note field instead. See this example. That field accepts HTML and is always rendered. So in your case you may be able to just rename all those abstract fields to bibbase_note. You may also want to use a div rather than a span, so that it rendered on a new line (like the abstract now) instead of inline.

Does that work for you?


Thank you so much! I wasn't aware of that field, and it does exactly what I wanted.