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"group by" and "hamburger" dropdown size

Thorbjörn Sievert 4 jaar geleden bijgewerkt 4 jaar geleden 2


I noticed that suddenly the group by and hamburger menu dropdown are weirdly scaled even though I haven't changed my CSS.
Was there some recent-ish change?
Website: https://tsievert.com/publications/

Under review

We recently upgraded to a newer version of Bootstrap. I suspect their CSS is a little different and is interacting with your own in a different way.

I've poked around and found that it seems to be related to the font-size you set on `li` tags in your style.css file. When I disable that, then the drop-downs look OK again. See below. Is that an option?

Thanks! I just pushed the modified CSS, and quickly renaming the culprit worked!.

P.S.: Not sure if you get pinged, but I added a new comment to a closed suggestion -> https://bibbase.userecho.com/communities/1/topics/294-altmetric-integration#comment-1064