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Including Automatic Download Counts

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Hi and thanks for this awesome resource!

I'm using the Javascript embedding method to include my publications, pulled directly from dblp's database (so, not using my own bibtex file). I can't figure out how to enable (supposedly automatic) "Download Count".

For example, as listed for some of the publications on this link: https://bibbase.org/show?bib=http://www.cs.toronto.edu/~fritz/publications/list.bib&theme=default

When I dig into the "bibbase" JS object, it seems like the "downloads" property for each of my publications (in the data member variable) is populated as "0". Not sure if this is a backend problem (i.e., DBLP doesn't provide this info in the bib info that BibBase pulls from them) or just a CSS/etc. setting for how I'm using the JS embedding option.

FWIW, I set .bibbase_stats_paper { display: inline; } but doubt that's the problem... couldn't find any other documentation about this feature.

Thanks for your time and help.

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Can you point me at your page so I can take a look?

Wow, that was a quick response: thanks!

So far, I'm developing locally... but, here's the bibbase demo link using my DBLP profile:


I suppose a minimal working example would simply be an empty HTML body with

<script src="https://bibbase.org/show?bib=https://dblp.org/pid/30/4225.bib&jsonp=1&theme=side&doi=false"></script>

This <script> tag is copy/pasted from my site source...

... should've mentioned that I've tried some obvious things: changing theme, doi=true (not sure what this does), etc.



Thanks for reporting this. There actually seems to be a bug somewhere. When I check the logs it says that it shows a failure when trying to update the download count (when someone clicks on the paper link). It works if there are already more than zero downloads, like you said, but even on the reference page the downloads stay at zero for those papers that don't yet have any downloads counted.

I'll look into fixing this.

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I found the bug and fixed it. Thanks again for reporting! You just made BibBase a little bit better for everyone again! We really appreciate it.


Hi Christian,

Thank you for this quick turnaround and for your continued support. BibBase — and so too you — renders a fantastic service to our community.

Have a great day,