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can't log in

beesonpublic 3 года назад обновлен Christian Fritz 3 года назад 1

I have been a Bibbase use since 2014 but today I can't log in.  It says my email is not 

recognized.   I should be either beesonpublic@gmail.com  or profbeeson@gmail.com but 

neither works.  (I think I used beesonpublic@gmail.com but it might be the other one.) 

My name is Michael Beeson.   I definitely had an account and I definitely use BibBase on my website.

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Hi Michael,

Is it possible you are trying to log in using a password? If so then please try logging in with Google. The user/password login in relatively new and as a long-time user you probably created your account using Google before.


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