"Group by" menu hiding publications

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Hi, I experience problems with the "Group by" menu. It keeps hiding the first publications by staying uncollapsed. How can I fix this please ? Thank you. Here's an example - very annoying. I use the JavaScript embedding option for a Mendeley list of publications. 

Image 98


Could you give me a link to your page? Then I'll go have a look. Thanks.

Hm, yes, it seems that your site uses some CSS that conflicts with the one used by Bootstrap (which in turn is used by BibBase). The easiest way to avoid this issue would be to add the following to your CSS stylesheet:

#bibbase_header li.dropdown {
  display: none;

This will simply hide the drop-down menus. This would remove the ability to change the grouping, but the alternative would be a lot more difficult, because one would need to figure out which CSS rules conflict, and there is a lot to be checked.

It is on our roadmap to remove the use of Bootstrap on user pages. So this problem will go away in the near future. Perhaps it's best to just hide these menus until then as described?