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Ioan Muntean 5 years ago updated by Christian Fritz 5 years ago 3

I am happy with your work on BibBase. I use zotero and I embed my page in a wordpress, with acceptable results. I was wondering if I can display another field after the date like notes or information.

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Yes, in theory you can have a field bibbase_note that you can use to add arbitrary HTML to your publication. For instance in https://bibbase.org/network/publication/fritz-monitoringthegenerationandexecutionofoptimalplans-2009 I use:

  bibbase_note = {<span style="color: green">Best Thesis Runner-Up Award at ICAPS 2010.</span>},

However, that is when using a bibtex file as source. With Zotero your hands are tight a bit more. I don't think you can make Zotero add such a field in its exports, but maybe it's worth trying.

Can you point me to your page, so I can see what fields Zotero is providing? Did you already add the content you want in some field in Zotero?

Dear Christian.

My keyboard took and enter for something else and my message was not complete. To correct my message.

1. In fact from Zotero, the field "Extra" is added after the month and year and I am very happy with it. For example, my page embedded in Wordpress does add the field "extra". In the first entry, the text "A 30-page" etc is a Extra field add in zotero. See this example:

my embedded wordpress page i have not added any extra notes to the other entries.

2 Zotero does have notes in html or rtf but those are not replicated in Bibbase, and I think that is not a big deal.

3 this is in fact my question. In zotero one can add links to files or URL. Zotero has a special folder called "my publications" that let the user click on those links and integrate some in their webpage associated to this folder. So, is there any change to display links in Bibbase? 

THanks for all the work you put in this project!


Hi Ioan,

Perhaps I'm still not understanding the question correctly, but if you just want to display links, then yes, that is very easy, at least if you are using a bibtex file as input. As documented in https://bibbase.org/help you can just includes any field with the prefix "url_" and that will show as a link:

   url_Paper =    {mypdfs/gau-hum-1830.pdf},
   url_Link =     {http://timemachine-publishing.com/1830/measurements-of-the-world.html},
   url_Slides =   {talks/gau-hum-1830.ppt}

Is your question perhaps whether the same is possible with Zotero, i.e., whether there is a field in Zotero you can use to add a link to a publication? If so, then the answer is yes, using the "url" field, as seen in this example (bottom): https://bibbase.org/show?bib=https%3A%2F%2Fbibbase.org%2Fzotero%2Fchristianfritz&msg=embed 

If your publication on Zotero already has a PDF or similar associated, then of course that will already show up as well.