Display month as word even if parsed as number

Alexandre Huat 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 2


I have a month field which is in numbers in my bibtex file, e.g., month = "11". However, I would greatly appreciate if bibbase displayed it as something like "Nov.". It's more readable and user-friendly.

I suppose you'd just have to add the following correspondance in your bibbase generator script:
{1: "Jan.", 2: "Feb.", 3: "March", 4: "April", 5: "May", 6: "June", 7: "July", 8: "Aug.", 9: "Sep.", 10: "Oct.", 11: "Nov.", 12: "Dec."}


Such mapping is not supported, because we cannot assume that others who use numbers instead of text would want it to be translated. So why not just change the bibtex to use the abbreviated month names?

The reason for that request was just that I use a BibTex file where numbers are needed for other applications. And I wanted to avoid additionnal file preprocessing for bibbase. But I understand your point. I'll do my own changes.