why do I have author links to jshell

Tim Whiteaker 6 år siden opdateret af Christian Fritz 6 år siden 2

My bib:


There's an author named Harris. BibBase made links to https://fiddle.jshell.net/_display/ for her. I cannot figure out why this would be happening. The jshell link doesn't even point to a useful page (it's 404). 

Maybe it's because I created a JSFiddle playing with the Einstein example a few days ago?  But why link to Harris?


BibBase tries to guess which of the names authors is the "owner" of this page. It does so by seeing whether there is one author who is on (nearly) 100% of the listed publications. If so, then BibBase will assume that this is his or her page. This is then used to create links on the pages of co-authors.

So yes, I assume that when you had that temporary page, Harris appeared as a co-author on all or most publications.

Most of the time this works well, but sometimes, like in these cases of temporary pages it doesn't. I can manually fix the wrong link in the database for you.

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