Full person names (author / editor)

Steve Miller vor 6 Jahren aktualisiert vor 6 Jahren 4

Hello and thanks for the great work!

Is there any option or possibility to use the full name of authors / editors instead of shortname? That would be great.


No, unfortunately this is not currently possible. At least not without modifying the bibtex (which I wouldn't recommend).

Thanks for your quick answer. (It's great to see that there is active support for years!)

You are absolutely right, manipulating the bibtex is no option.

Are you interested in providing an option to use full names someday? Without knowing the code base, I guess this requires "just" some sort of switch from "author_short" to "author" (or whatever it is called)??

I think it's a good idea to have that option yes. Like you said, it was easy to do, so we did it right away. You can enable it by add "&fullnames=1" to your bibbase URL.

Just be careful when using this option to have full names for all authors and editors in your bibtex. Otherwise you will get a somewhat unaesthetic mix of abbreviated and non-abbreviated names.

This was incredibly quick. Again, thanks for your great work and support!