entries aren't consistently sorting by date descending

Cris 6 years ago updated by Christian Fritz 6 years ago 1

It's curious, even though I've double-checked the date field in the entries, the order seems to be random. Sometimes within a year, entires will sort by date descending the final entry is out of order. For ex., November, September, June, October. 

Other times, it looks like entries are sorting in date ascending. Here's a live example:


Any troubleshooting ideas? I use zotero for the collection and embedded into html page via javascript.




BibBase does not support sorting within groups. You can only group publications and those groups will be sorted. However you can have nested groups if you want. In your case, e.g., you could group by year first, and then by month next:


Note however that BibBase sorts months as strings, i.e., lexicographical, not chronological. So this is probably not what you want either.

If you want more control over the order publications appear, then using a bibtex file as source will probably work better for you. In that case you can control the order by the order of appearance in the file.