Bibbase on free hosting

Eliseo Ferrante 10 years ago updated by Christian Fritz 8 years ago 2
Hi! Anybody has a website using bibbase on a free hosting? If yes which ones? I tried with google sites but I didn't manage to make it work

Now that the Google bot interprets script tags, you can actually just use github pages or a public dropbox folder to host an HTML page, with bibbase embedded using the javascript (JSONP) method. This was always an option, but now google will actually find your publications on that page as well -- it didn't until this recent change to their bot.

Using github has the advantage that you can still use your own domain name, it seems. Here is a good comparison of both methods and detailed instructions (for a general html page):

Let me know if you go that route. Then I would like to point to it on the Documentation page, so that others can follow your example. I think it's a great new option!