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Problem of connection between Bibbase and Zotero and updating of the bibliographic database

Denis 7 years ago updated by Christian Fritz 6 years ago 6


For a few days I have a problem with Bibbase. It no longer updates my bibliography on my site. As you can see in fig 1, there are only 7 references in 2017 whereas there are 8 references in the bibliography of zotero (fig 2). I have another site which runs on SPIP with a zotero extension and there is no problem of update (fig 3, http://bibliographie.institut-lwoff.fr/spip.php?page=biblio ). So it's not a blocking problem. I also noticed that when I want to recreate that connection to BIbbase this blocks. After pressing the zotero link on bibbase, entering my zotero account and giving the permissions between zotero and bibbase, I have a white window (fig 4). And if I close it, I have this message "retrieving collections and groupd from Zotero account ... (fig 5).

Do you have a solution and an idea of the problem?

In thanking you


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I forgot the fig 4. Here it is

Hi Denis,

I too am having this problem. I have posted numerous questions to BibBase support with no answer. I have experimented in many ways, including using filters to limit the publication list to only my 2017 pubs, too no avail. I have no clue about why BibBase is no longer updating from the Zotero database. I did notice that there was a new version of the Zotero API in January of this year, but I started using BibBase successfully in March.

Could you post an example of the code you embed in your website to retrieve your Zotero records using BibBase. You can find mine if you search my questions.

Please BibBase solve our problem. In general yours is a fantastic tool... or do I say was a fantastic tool.

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What is that browser you are using, I do not recognize it from Figure 4. I suspect that it has problems with the forwarding logic of the Zotero authentication. Have you tried a different browser (e.g., Chrome or Firefox)?


Hello! (cross-posting from the older thread) 

I'm using the new URL as instructed–https://bibbase.org/show?bib=http%3A%2F%2Fbibbase.org%2Fzotero-group%2Fodellcampbell/1132825&msg=embed#–and it seems like the source bibtex file isn't updating (when I make changes to keywords, for example, in the group library in Zotero, it doesn't update in the bibbase.org output). 

But my library changes are updating in the "older" method–the changes are reflected in the "old" link, from "generate BibBase page" (although of course this has the old problem of not returning the whole library).


Thank you!

I'm having the same problem as Peter Campbell. When I use the old URL (the one formed from the "Generate BibBase page from your Zotero 'Library', collections, or groups" link on the BibBase home page), the bibliography is updated when I make changes in Zotero, however only 100 items display: http://bibbase.org/show?bib=https%3A%2F%2Fapi.zotero.org%2Fgroups%2F2099979%2Fitems%3Fkey%3DPvXDODgx3ORkWmqcjLp3BAUk%26format%3Dbibtex%26limit%3D100&msg=embed.

When I use the new URL, all items display but no updates are reflected: http://bibbase.org/show?bib=http%3A%2F%2Fbibbase.org%2Fzotero-group%2Fajello/2099979&msg=embed.

You can see the difference in this report title (changed portion underlined): 

Old title: "Assessment of a Near-Term Update..." 

New title: "Assessment of a Near-term Update...".

Hi Jeannine, sorry for the delayed response.

It seems that when I open the new URL you provided now, the title you mentioned shows the updated version (lower case "term"). Perhaps it just took a while for the change to make it through the system? I'm not sure how long Zotero takes to propagate the title via all their APIs. BibBase retrieves fresh data from Zotero every time you open the page, *but* it does so in the background while still serving the cached version first -- otherwise it would take too long. That said, you essentially need to refresh the page twice, with a little bit of time in between (around 20 seconds), in order to see the latest data BibBase has gotten from Zotero.