crossref problem (multiple papers in the same proceedings)

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I like your service very much, particularly the DBLP import :)
However, it seems that having multiple papers in the same proceedings causes entries for the papers, but also an entry for the proceedings, which I obviously don't want in my publication list. I suspect that there is a crossref entry in the data imported from DBLP (at the end of 2016 in http://bibbase.org/dblp/mathias_weller?theme=simple)

cheers & thanks




At long last this problem has been fixed. Crossrefs are now filtered out from the resulting listing.

Not a bug

Hi Mathias,

This actually appears to be a bug in DBLP's export API. As you can see in this page


they include this bibtex entry for you:

@proceedings{DBLP:conf/cocoa/2016,  editor    = {T.{-}H. Hubert Chan and
               Minming Li and
               Lusheng Wang},
  title     = {Combinatorial Optimization and Applications - 10th International Conference,
               {COCOA} 2016, Hong Kong, China, December 16-18, 2016, Proceedings},
  series    = {Lecture Notes in Computer Science},
  volume    = {10043},
  publisher = {Springer},
  year      = {2016},
  url       = {http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-48749-6},
  doi       = {10.1007/978-3-319-48749-6},
  isbn      = {978-3-319-48748-9},
  timestamp = {Wed, 30 Nov 2016 11:17:07 +0100},
  biburl    = {http://dblp.dagstuhl.de/rec/bib/conf/cocoa/2016},
  bibsource = {dblp computer science bibliography, http://dblp.org}

You may be able to ask them to correct that -- in fact, they may appreciate the bug report. (http://dblp.dagstuhl.de/faq/How+can+I+correct+errors+in+dblp.html)



hi Christian,

it's not a bug, it's a feature :)
The thing is that bibtex, for example, deals well with such crossrefs and they are useful to avoid code duplication and to easily change a detail for a proceedings entry.

In any case, the export page you linked offers an option "with crossref -> condensed" which results in a list without crossrefs. The direct link is: http://dblp.dagstuhl.de/pers/hb0/w/Weller:Mathias (note the added "0" after "hb"). It appears that this list then does not contain the unwanted crossref entry.

Just a quick check on what's the sitation here. Do you agree that the "not a bug" label on this issue is wrong? Or, is there some way for me as a user to make bibbase use the non-confusing URL (with "hb0")?



Wird überprüft

This will require some work in the back-end. Up until now it wasn't necessary to check the list of authors to verify that an entry provided by dblp was indeed meant to be listed for the user. For now, I would recommend to add the (otherwise unnecessary) filter on your name:


Oh, so the export API of DBLP doesn't support "condensing" crossrefs (as opposed to the website (using "hb0"))?

BTW, Mathias, you can use the DBLP provided Bibtex file directly as your BibBase source as well:



At long last this problem has been fixed. Crossrefs are now filtered out from the resulting listing.