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Jquery conflicts when embedding in site that already has Jquery

Jeffrey Mudge 7 år siden opdateret 7 år siden 2

When embedding with javascript, BIbBase loads its own jQuery which causes problems in sites that already have jQuery. Specifically, I'm looking at an embed in LibGuides, so I have no control of how either LibGuides or BibBase initiates jQuery.

I'd like to be able to use the existing jQuery or trigger a noconlfict instance for BibBase https://api.jquery.com/jquery.noconflict/

As it is, I'm stuck between having now sort feature, or not being able to open document links when using iframes.

Any suggestions?

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BibBase and jQuery usually work well together and many of our users use jQuery on their pages.

Can you point me to the page that isn't working and/or tell me the errors you are seeing that make you think they conflict?

Sure, the page in question is: http://wheaton.libguides.com/faithandlearning/FLbibliographies

The behavior that makes me think there is a conflict is the fact that the Group By options are not dropping down and when I add breakpoints on modifying that element it actually does get the open class for a little bit before being toggled closed again. It just happens so fast normally that you can't tell. And when I put it into an iframe on that same page the drop downs work fine, so something in this page is triggering that toggle twice, and my best guess was the two jquery intstances both getting the toggle command.

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