bibbase is linking to my paper by doi rather than to the pdf in my bibtex file.

Michael Beeson 9 ár síðan updated by Christian Fritz 9 ár síðan 4
Why? And how can I prevent it? I want users to get the pdf.
No, it is linking to the doi IN ADDITION TO the pdf, even though there is no doi in the bibtex file.
Well, that is OK, but I didn't expect it. How did bibbase know what the doi is ?
Under review
Is this your page? http://www.michaelbeeson.com/research/papers/pubs.php
In this I only see one paper with a doi link, and that paper has a doi field in the bibtex:

A constructive version of Tarski's geometry. Beeson, M. Annals of Pure and Applied Logic, accepted. 2015.
@article{ beeson2015b,
  author = {Michael Beeson},
  date-added = {2014-11-15 01:21:33 +0000},
  date-modified = {2015-07-30 16:20:28 +0000},
  doi = {10.1016/j.apal.2015.07.006},
  journal = {Annals of Pure and Applied Logic},
  keywords = {Constructive mathematics, Geometry, Logic},
  title = {A constructive version of {T}arski's geometry},
  url_pdf = {ConstructiveTarski.pdf},
  volume = {accepted},
  year = {2015}
Are you talking about a different page/bibtex-file?
You're right! On my SERVER the bibtex has a doi field. On my local machine it does not. So my local copy
is out of sync with the server. I must have added the doi field from another computer and forgotten I did so.
Sorry to bother you. Thanks again for making BibBase.
You're welcome.