Feature Request: Search local collection (single Bibtex file)

Quinn DuPont 7 years ago updated by Adam Rego Johnson 2 years ago 7

Is there a way to search only local results? For instance, if I have a single bibtext file (or zotero collection) that I have embedded on my website, I would like to be able to search across these results. For very large collections (100-1000) having browse-only functions (by year, by type, etc) is not sufficient.

Under review

When you say "search" do you perhaps mean filter? If yes, then the answer is yes (see the "filter" option described on the help page in the options section). If no, then I don't understand what you are trying to do, since your visitors can just use the search of their browsers to search within the page.

Filtering is nice because it hides the items the user doesn't want to see. Correct me if I'm wrong, but to implement filtering based on user inputs into a search box, I'd have to dynamically remove the existing BibBase elements and script tag, and then add a new script tag to my HTML body which is a copy of the original BibBase one except that it includes the filter parameter.  Or perhaps just reload the whole page, writing out the BibBase script tag on page load, and include the user's search parameters in my page URL so I can find them and insert them into the script tag before I add it to the page. Either way, I get a bit nervous when I'm in charge of inserting elements into my page. I would like it better if search was built in to BibBase, like the controls for grouping are.

Has this been rejected or is this still possible? A search function has been a feature I've been wanting for a while now. I agree that using a normal ctrl-f search is somewhat functional, but it's mostly so if you know what you're looking for (I often use it when looking for a specific author, or a specific paper that I know by name).

Alternatively, having a search bar where users can search keywords in the title and author (as well perhaps as all abstracts, which is not currently possible to search within using ctrl-f at all unless a dropdown is expanded) would be very useful for those of us with quite large publication lists. I would also personally love an advanced search option, in which you could search within specific sections (i.e., searching keywords just within titles, or authors, etc.) use and/or and other functions, etc., but recognize that that is probably a more involved feature request that perhaps wouldn't benefit too many people.

It's still possible, but not very high priority right now. It hasn't been requested very often and no up-votes on this ticket so far either.

Understood, no worries. Thank you.


Hi Quinn, Adam,

We've just finished adding a search/filter toolbar. It's hidden by default -- because we don't want to change our users page appearance without their consent -- but you can show it by adding showSearch=1 to your bibbase url.

Hi Christian,

This is wonderful! Thank you so much!!