Author links changing on different pages

Bryn Pickering 8 years ago 0

In a similar vein to this topic, I'm having issues with the page that links an author's name to their directory.

The website at the moment has one large bib file here from which it produces the main publications. Each directory entry then has its own filtered list based on 'short-author', e.g. this.

Finally there are also project specific papers, filtered based on a dummy bib field 'project', e.g. this.
This all works perfectly, so several thumbs up for the filtering function!

Now, R.M. Ward is in all those links. Ideally BibBase should see that the longest list with her as an author on each publication is her directory. This works fine until you refresh the page on the project page, at which point her author link becomes that project page, not her directory entry. This link change then permeates across the website until you navigate to e.g. her directory entry and then refresh on that page, at which point the link changes back to her directory entry.

The same problem occurs when I am linked both in my directory and in a project page. Here, I have only one publication so I can see why it would get confused. But, I had previously linked my BibBase account to my directory entry, so thought it would be better anchored. Instead, the 'Homepage' link just changes with whichever is the prevailing location for the directory.

Note: you have to refresh the page once you've navigated to it in order for the link location to change.

The author links are a very good idea, and really helps bring together who is working on which projects etc. etc. but the automatic allocation of the author directory seems a little too volatile at the moment!