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Profile issue

Ashton Bradley 8 years ago updated by Yehia Abd Alrahman 4 years ago 4

I don't know if this is a bug, but the issue is about author name uniqueness (or lack thereof).

There is an issue with obtaining a "token" to link my publications on bibbase with my page. Bibbase has this to say: [http://bibbase.org/network/link]


Linking Your BibBase Page to Your Account

You can "claim" your publications on BibBase by linking your account on bibbase.org to your publications page. To do so, we will provide you with a verification token that you need to add to your bibbase parameters on your web page. This is described in more detail below.


However, the issue is that only one name is found matching mine, and it is not mine. So currently all displayed publications served up by bibbase have a link from my name to an entirely unrelated research group in a different field. How do I get bibbase to identify my name?

I think all of my publications are currently attributed to


I would be grateful if either (a) my profile was deleted so there is no erroneous attribution, or (b) a new profile be added for my name.

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Hi Ashton,

I'll investigate. Could you send me a link to your bibbase page?


was this issue solved? I NEVER GOT THE TOKEN. it asks me to select the author but it doesn't even allow me to select. 

my bibbase page is: https://bibbase.org/show?bib=https%3A%2F%2Flazkany.bitbucket.io%2FPublications.bib

Thanks in advance

Thanks for the link, and thanks for the update to the question, too. That helps me understand. It seems that now your name links to your page. To be sure that it stays like this, you can use the "owner" option described here. The token is actually related to a different feature and doesn't affect which page your name links to. Does that help?

Thanks Christian for the reply. I was actually referring to claim this page on my bibbase account. It does not seem to work for me.

Thanks again. Very interesting project I really value your efforts.