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Bryn Pickering hace 5 años actualizado por Christian Fritz hace 3 años 2

Annoyingly have to use BibBase via iframe due to managed web service won't allow external scripts. In this situation, if someone clicks on any links in the iframe (to see a paper on BibBase or external site) it loads the result within the iframe.

I know that if "target="_blank"" is placed within the html for a link it will open in new tab, but control of that is on the BibBase side of things. Is there any way of editing that or having some optionality in BibBase to allow for it?


*Edited topic when I realised it was the case for all links in iframe

It's been three years and still no answer !?


Sorry, no that is not currently possible. We *strongly* recommend against using iframes. The external script method should work everywhere because that is how almost all web pages work these days: they pull in scripts from other places, not just the local server where the HTML is hosted.