Embedding with JavaScript in Worpress - message

ariane.neroulidis 1 year ago updated by Christian Fritz 1 year ago 1

Hello Christian and congratulations for this wonderful tool!
I succeeded to embed my references in Wordpress with JavaScript. 
The problem is that I have a message after with big letters : EMBEDDING IN ANOTHER PAGE
Copy&paste any of the following snippets into an existing
page to embed this page. For more details see the documention.

How can I remove this message ?

Thanka a lot for you help !



Hi Ariane,

You can get rid of that message by removing "&msg=embed" from the URL you use in the script tag you inserted into your HTML. I'm not sure where you got the URL that includes that parameter, but it's not included in the snippets that are suggested by it. In any event, once you remove that parameter from the URL the message should disappear.